Paintings by Theresa

Theresa Terri Groves Chalmers was born in Toledo, Ohio and grew up in a small town in Michigan.  She currently resides in Mooresville, North Carolina with her husband Jeff and dog Tori. 

Terri has been fascinated with art since childhood, primarily a self taught artist, Terri has developed her own technique and style over the years working mostly with oils, acrylic and some water color paints.  She has furthered her studies by regularly attending workshops and seminars of some well known artists she admires both personally and professionally. 

Some of Terri's Originals are available for purchase as well as Limited Edition Giclee copies and Artist Proofs.  The Limited Editions and Artist Proofs come with a certificate of Authenticity Certifying the Number and type of Edition.  One painting named "a Miracle" does not come with a certificate since it is an open edition.

Terri has 3 Children, 5 Grand Children and 2 Great Grandchildren.  She enjoys Art, Jewelry Making Gardening, Biking, Golf, Missions and Travel.   

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