Paintings by Theresa

Named a Miracle , a miracle also happened while (Theresa) terri chalmers was painting the picture!

Named a Miracle, the painting depicts one of 34 great miracles recorded in the Bible that Christ performed prior to his Crucifixion and Resurrection — bringing a 12-year-old girl back to life (Matthew 9:20-22; Mark 5:25-29; Luke 8:43-48).

A Miracle also happened while Terri Chalmers was painting the picture. The Lord spoke to her about making a painting for Him that would send a message to everyone. A sequence of events happened over a 5-year period before discovering what she was supposed to paint. Terri had taken a very striking photo at an Easter play performed at a local Church, and knew this picture was what God wanted her to paint. Terri had felt the love of god first hand at the lords house and was delighted the picture had been taken there.

With much fear, apprehension and anxiety, Terri decided to begin painting, yet she still did not know the message of the painting. She felt unworthy to do a special painting for God and doubted her own abilities to create a painting like this. She started by getting on her knees to pray for direction. Then she drew an outline of Christ on the left and the house of god on the right as a symbol of her faith, focus and Christian foundation. As she began to apply paint to form the mountains, that is when the miracle happened: The mountains on the right were painted with ease, but she could not paint anything on the left side of the canvas. During her struggles to paint the left side she saw something appear in the oil paint— an image of Christ’s face on the front of one of the mountain tops. “That’s it,” she thought. “That must be the message God wants us to see... His face from the highest mountain top.” Now she just needed to finish the mountain, but during the blending process, somehow she ruined the image of Christ’s face. Left with no choice, she scraped off the paint on the left side of the canvas and started again. Her struggles continued the second time as she tried to paint the mountains. To her surprise, Christ’s face appeared again in another mountain top. God had given her a second chance; but once again she ruined the image of His face and had to scrape off the paint on the left side of the canvas. Terri’s apprehension and struggles intensified the third time she attempted to paint the mountains on the left. Yet, to her amazement, the image of Christ’s face came back in a another mountain top. Grateful the Lord has given her another chance even when she continued to fail Him, she thanked Him and promised not to mess up again, but moments later she did just that. She ruined the image of His face for the third time. Frustrated and wanting to quit, she prayed that God would just allow her to finish the mountains. Her thoughts overwhelmed her and she concluded that she was not worthy of painting His face or his message. It was finally on her fourth attempt that she was able to complete the mountains on the left side of the canvas, although sadly, Christ’s face did not come back.

Several days passed before she got up the courage to work on the painting again. She felt frustrated, discouraged and disappointed in herself that she had let God down. As she searched for an answer, she suddenly remembered the three times she had pushed God out of her life...just like the three times she ruined the image of Christ's face. God had given her an assignment with lots of chances and she had messed up every time! Now tears ran down her face as she faced the truth of her own sin and failures

once again  she began to gaze at the painting... ...... it was then that she saw something new!! the paint on the left side of the canvas  ..... In the mountains on the left where all the struggles happened..... there is a shadow coming from above with .....yes.!!!

There he was!!!  Christ on the Cross! ..... and His message to us all! .... His death sacrificed for our sins, forgiveness and our salvation!

Incredibly her sadness turned to joy! She could hardly believe her eyes! God showed up in the midst of her failures in a mighty way just like He had done in her life so many times before! Since the mountains were complete, she no longer had to worry about blending anything and never touched the mountains again!

God worked through many people to give her direction during the 8 1/2 years it took to com- plete the painting. Terri said: “I thank Almighty God for His unending Love and for allowing me to finish His painting and His message! I thank my husband, family and friends for their love and continued support.” Her prayer is that the Lord’s message will be made known to you and that miracles happen in your own life!