Paintings by Theresa

Not for sale

water color "summer lily"

oil on canvas "13th at northstone

water color "daisy mae"

Original for sale, no copies!

oil on canvas "hibiscus harmony"

acrylic on canvas "my prince"

Original SOLD, limited edition Giclee's available

oil on canvas "a watchful eye"

Original is for sale, no copies on this one!

acrylic on canvas "commissioned work

oil on canvas board

"Heart Song"

First Oil Painting I ever did at age 12 - not sure I could do this one today!

Water color "Morning peonies"

oil on canvas " seven pools in paradise"

I love painting tropical ART!  Again, this came from a picture I took in Maui on the road to Hana

oil on canvas "a miracle" painting

May you be as Blessed to read about this story and testimony as I am to share it!  Please click on link to read the full story and incredible journey with God!

Oil on canvas


Yes, this is my baby alright!  I do love to paint animal portraits and Yes, I do commissioned work!


Painted from a photo I took while in Hawaii.  Hawaii-5-O purchased a Giclee copy of this painting!


Painted from a photo I took in Hawaii

Oil on Canvas

"Black Sand Beach"

Painted from a photo I took in Hawaii